APRIL 2023 


I would love to share with you a bit about what our small but mighty little nonprofit has been up to! With donations we received, we were able to provide a total of 448 food boxes to families in need,131 teen baskets, 232 kids baskets, 120 cans of Chicken, 85 jars of peanut butter, 3 cases of canned soup, and 125 2-pound bags of rice to a veteran’s program (they have a need for these items year-round and always run out in the spring). We were able to fill their need which should last them until the summer months. In the 24 +years of working in social services, the last two years have been a first for me being asked and having such a high need for food boxes at this time of year. It used to only be Easter baskets for kids however, the past two years, we have had more families reach out and ask for food than ever before. We were saddened to hear of so many hungry families and yet happy to be asked and be able to meet the challenge! It is because of amazing people in this community that are supporting our causes that this can happen.

Our goal in doing this nonprofit isn’t about reinventing the wheel or duplicating what is already being done in our community but, more so to fill that gap that seems to have been getting bigger with more people in need and resources being at or over capacity. We strive to help both those agencies that are struggling to make things happen such as this, as well as be there for those families and individuals to help them in alleviating some of these obstacles if we can.

In the past months we have also kicked off our scholarship program and much to our excitement, we were recognized by a company called the Elite Competitor! They are a national company based in Vancouver Washington and they like what we are doing so much that they have committed to helping fund the scholarship program on a yearly basis! With their help, we will be able to do so much more for kids than we could have ever imagined! We will of course still be raising money so that we can be able to have our support staff paid which will allow us to keep this program, along with the others, up and running efficiently! From our first scholarship we did in December until now, we have provided 7 scholarships for youth in multiple sports! These scholarships combined total $4570!!!! We also have 2 scholarship applications pending (one is for a young man who wants to attend an aerospace camp and the other is for a young lady who wants to take piano lessons. This program is amazing and people who are involved or benefiting from it are not only the youth, but, their families and the community with the service that they are doing by just paying it forward. We have one young man who has helped at every event we have done since he was awarded this scholarship. His mom stated that he has been a different young man since he received his scholarship and is able to play ball on a team. His grades and attitude have improved and he is more willing to help out not only at home but when they are out and about.

This is definitely a dream come true!!!
Important dates to remember:

May 2 – Give Big 2023
May 13th – The Vancouver Volcanoes Game / Hope for the Good
Fundraiser Night
May 20th- Hoops for Hope Kick Off

Lastly, as we head into the late spring, it is our time where we get rolling and ready for our main fundraiser but, more importantly, a community event, Hoops for HOPE. This annual event is loved by the city of Vancouver and it is such a positive and wonderful way to not only have a family friendly event but, to also raise funds for a good cause at the same time! 

If you would like to help out whether as a volunteer, to play, being a sponsor, or a vendor, please let us know. We would love to have you!!
Thank you again for helping us, provide H.O.P.E.!
Susan Oberst
Hope for the Good Our mission is Simple. Help one person Every day!