H.O.P.E. for Tomorrow

H.O.P.E. for Tomorrow

Steve’s bravery and love of life is contagious and inspiring

Steve has a unique philosophy of life. He was diagnosed with an aggressive form of two different cancers and was given a 1-2 year chance of surviving, and has been in his battle over 8. It hasn’t been easy. He has been in and out of the hospital countless times.

He has inspired many by encouraging and mentoring others who have been diagnosed with cancer. Even on his worst days, he finds reasons to be grateful. Steve has a love of life and a love of people. He believes that through his battle, if he can help one person every day, then what he is going through has been worth it.

About The Steve Oberst Scholarship/Grant Program

Dream it

The HOPE for the Good youth scholarship is set up to encourage you to broaden and enhance your life by building on or learning a new skill. Fine-tune your athletic ability, join an educational club or learn something brand new. They are all good with us!

Be active, not sedentary.

Grow it.

2 hours of community service

How does this activity improve yourself or your community?

Build it.

There may be an activity you’d like to participate in but you’re not sure how to make it happen. Instead of having to choose or prioritize the responsibilities…let’s make the dream happen!

The scholarship-grant fund is going to be set up in Steve’s name. This has been a dream
of his for so long.
He believes that kids need an outlet. They need to be active, they need to be involved.
So many kids today are at home, on computers, phones, and games. Even in school, so
many things have them one on one with a screened device of some sort.
Steve has always believed in having kids be involved in learning a skill, an instrument, a
sport, being part of a team, is so vital in a youths growth, esteem and confidence. It
teaches them responsibility, accountability, problem solving and most importantly, can
provide them HOPE!


While we are very much a sports minded family, we understand that some kids may not have that passion. There are other things just as wonderful and engaging as sports such
as music, theater, science, animals, and other activities. Just like with sports, these all cost money and time to be involved in them. Time is something that we all can make happen.
Giving time to something you are passionate about is easy. It is a choice. However, money is a different story and can make a difference in being able to pursue one of these
passions for so many of our youth. This Scholarship-grant program will be able to help those who wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to participate in and try one of these things, have that opportunity. It will be based on a few factors. Form to be filled out, along with an essay written by the youth ( younger kids can have their parents help them with this piece).
This essay will need to express what they want to participate in, and why they feel they would benefit from it. It will also need to have their plans on how to use this opportunity to
impact their family and those around them in a positive way. They will be asked to give back a certain amount of hours in a volunteer capacity in the community so that they can understand it is a hand up and not a hand out. We will have somewhere in there what challenges they might face moving forward with this opportunity. Whether it is transportation, equipment, clothing, lessons etc, we will work with local resources to address each of those challenges so that they can move forward with this exciting endeavor. There will be a group of community leaders who will all take part in reading these essays and help in choosing who will receive the opportunity.

Complete the application

Write an essay that answers the following questions.

  • How will this scholarship improve your personal growth?

  • How would you like to give back to the community?

 Scholarships will be available late fall of 2022